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Welcome to the Afterconflict: Lost War forums. Before you begin posting on our forums there are a few rules and guidelines you'll need to follow.

Breaking the rules may result in being muted, temporarily banned, or permanently banned, at the discretion of the moderators.

Be respectful of each other. We know everyone has a bad day, it's not an excuse to take it out on others.
Don't harass, bully, or threaten other users.
Don't use racial or ethnic slurs or target people because of their ethnicity.
Don't post in all capital letters or use off-topic titles.
Excessive vulgarity or inappropriate language may also be punished at a moderators discretion.
Political or religious discussions are not advised, as they often result in negative behavior.
Do not share your personal information with other members of the forum.

Do not bump your own thread. This means do you respond to your own thread for the purpose of moving it to the top of a discussion area.

Stay on the topic of the thread, if found to be off topic a thread may be locked, or the users going off topic warned.

Do not post images of a profound nature. This includes pornography of any kind, or anything that may be deemed illegal.

Do not spam the forums or a topic, do not post duplicate posts, these will be deleted and the user dealt with accordingly.

Do not advertise or share links to outside websites on the forums.

Impersonating a moderator, admin, or developer of Afterconflict will result in a permanent ban.

Creating alternate accounts to avoid a disciplinary action will result in a permanent ban.

No account trading allowed.

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